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Workshop: Fix Your Offer

For Consultants, Solopreneurs, and Agency Owners

who want to avoid the most common high-ticket offer issues and shortcuts months of work.

Seven people have already gotten my direct feedback on their offers in the last week with comments like,

"You suggested I should target _____ instead. That's exactly who connected so far."

"Definitely got my wheels turning again . Lots of notes taken and ready to test."

"I've never thought of it this way before. This could really work."

"This makes so much sense. I am actually going to work on this right now."

And we're just getting started with this particular group.

Now, I've had some of sad pandas reach know who you are...because you didn't get in on the workshop last time around. You waited too long. 😞 🐼

So I am going to open a limited number of spots for a workshop next month.

I'm calling it "Fix Your Offer".

After reviewing hundreds of offers this year alone, you're making at least 2-3 costly mistakes.

In Fix Your Offer ("FYO"), we'll...

-- Go through offers live; get ready to be roasted
-- Address the most common issues like…
🤫 The secret to offers that pay you more without having to do more.
Why targeting big "anchor" clients can sink your business fast.
🌊 The truth about why your positioning has a bigger impact on your offers than you think.
-- Get a game plan to...well...fix them

Instead of dragging through it the rest of the year?

You can head into the holidays with a tighter offer.

Those who are applying my systems and framework have crushed 2023.

After fixing their offers, here's a snapshot of wins:

An SEO genius went from side hustle to $20k+ MRR.

A ghostwriter went from $10k to $30k+ MRR.

A fractional CRO went from a single anchor client to $50k+ MRR with less overhead.

A marketing agency went from $20k to $65k MRR without hiring.

An accountant went from hourly work to $15k monthly retainers.

And the list goes don't wait this time. I will definitely cap the workshop.

I'm pricing it super competitively for you.

Hope to help you "fix" your offer in October.

(don't wait, this is early access for VIPs before my 25k followers!)

— Ken